Sunday, November 29, 2009

Book Review: Classic Garden Plans

Written by David Stuart

Each chapter represents a different garden type e.g. Meditation Garden, Quintessential Cottage Garden. There's a little background information and then the author draws up a plan with suggested plants, building and maintenance tips. It is an interesting exercise, beautifully illustrated, but not particularly useful. For me the book is more for browsing than any practical purpose. If you really wanted to use the plans, a lot of extra work would be necessary to choose appropriate plant material for your region.

Friday, November 13, 2009

J&P outlet in Greenwood

Went to the Park Seed/Wayside/J&P outlet store in Greenwood today. It is on the Bypass (72). Good selection of gardening related items - I got gloves andd a 60" round frame for a vine. Not a bad selection of plants although many had seen better days. 1 gallons and 6" pots were $5, smaller $2. I got a Magnolia Butterflies, Colorguard Yucca and Carolina Silverbell. Apparently they have to sell out what they have before more stuff comes in.

While in Greenwood we also went to the Park Seed gardens - interesting although not in their prime - the garden center is closed until spring.